Thursday, June 13, 2019

Final Reflection

The first work sample that I completed for my final project was a timeline on the evolution of headphones. I started out this part of my final project thinking of something that could be interesting and then I realized that almost everyone in the school either has air pods or some type of headphones in. So that's when I thought of doing a timeline of them. Then I did lots of research on the topic and it put it all in a spreadsheet. Then converted it to the timeline presentation. This is worthy to be part of my final project because we have done one of these earlier in the year on a topic that has to with technology and I found them very interesting. And I find them a lot more fun to watch and make than a normal slide show presentation. The second part of my project that I did was a survey on summer. I asked different questions for the other students mostly about the beach and what they like to do on their free time in the summer or their favorite summer activities. We also made surveys earlier in the year and I really like seeing what other students have to say because sometimes it's not what you think and other times it is. I started this process of making a survey for one because I thought it was interesting and two because it would make it a lot easier to make the third part of my project a lot easier to do. So after I finished my survey I was able to create an infographic on the information that I collected from the results of the survey from the other students responses. They are worthy to be a part of my final project because I put a lot of my time and thought into them to make them the best they could be.

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