Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Fake or Real?

For the first site, I do not think it is a real site and it is most likely fake news. I do not think it is a real site because for one, it does not look real or reliable enough for me for the topic it is talking about. The topic of the site is eliminating and changing the genes of babies at the pre-embryonic stage. Also there is not enough information to make seem like a reliable source.

For the second site, buy an ancestor online, I again do not think the site is real. I do not think it is real because the concept of the site says right away that it is fake. You can not buy an ancestor and the people who made the site are just trying to trick people who are not very understanding of what is happening and taking their money. Also fake news websites make all of their money off of ads. And this website has an ad everywhere you see. So if you accidentally click on one, they are making money off of it.

The last website which is about saving the endangered animal of the Northwest Tree is fake. I know that it is fake because if you do any other research at all about the topic, you will find out that the animal itself does not exist. 

adobe vid

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Friday, February 15, 2019

pano perspective

The process that went into making this image was easy. I started out with a friend starting a panorama and me standing on one side and then I ran behind her and stood in the middle of the pano and then ran around her again and stood on the opposite side. By doing this, it looks like I was in three places at once. And I think that the final product came out good because it looks realistic.

Monday, February 11, 2019

combining photos.

This represents the lesson because I cut out a fish in one image and cropped it to the correct size into a totally different image and combined them.


The photo on the top is the finished product and the image on the bottom is the original.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

rule of thirds

This image represents the rule of thirds because of the placement of the table on the deck. The table takes up a third of the space in the photo on the right. If you split the photo into three lines vertically, the table would take up one of the three sections. It also brings out the best in the rest of the image because of the use of the rule of thirds.